Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Here, there, everywhere

When summer rolls around, I typically start to feel like things slow down a little and I finally have time to catch my breath. This summer is exactly opposite of that: Somehow we’re already halfway in and I feel painfully behind. Work is busy as ever, my trips are half-planned, and hey - I don’t even have the beginnings of a tan. It’s funny because everyone who reads my blog always tells me how “together” I have it. In reality, “here, there, everywhere” is how I feel these days: I’m only half here, I need to be there, and all my shit is everywhere. 

Despite the constant feeling of THERE’S NO TIME FOR ANYTHING, I’ve managed to squeeze in some goodness in the last few weeks: We caught the Colbert Report with Regina Spektor, went to Brooklyn Brewery for Bosco launch party (I know - I’m way above and beyond my annual Brooklyn quota), bowled twice at Lucky Strike, and ate a lot of Korean BBQ in between. Also notable: this past weekend Annie and I spent five hours purchasing home goods at Marshalls, which rivals my mother’s womb as places in my lifetime I’ve felt truly at home. 

On Sunday, I Amtraked to Boston and squeezed in a dinner with Cyprus-friends Amy and Josh. After a long day of conferencing at Enterprise 2.0, I also had the best serendipitous internet gf! date with Emily Rose, my e-crush of I don’t know how many months. The shared affinity for tequila, tacos, and South African men could not be denied.  

Now, I’m home in the Bay Area for another couple of days before I bounce off again, and I am starting to wonder if I tried to pack too much in to the next three months: it’s pretty go-go-go from here on until September. I’m not sure at what point I let myself slip into the current state of overwhelm, but it’s not something I’ve figured out how to erase just yet…


  1. justinetf said: Sounds like a summer full of lessons. Good luck! Keep sharing your stories. <3
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